Shifting up a gear

Our Give your litter a lift, take it home campaign has secured funding for another year of activity!

As we prepare to start work on Phase Two, lets take a look at what we’ve achieved so far:


What do people think?

In June 2018 as phase 1 came to a close, we repeated the national YouGov poll conducted at the start of the campaign to check in on what people think and feel about roadside litter. Here is what we found out:

Roadside litter is still an issue in Scotland

  • 54% of people have seen someone throw litter from a vehicle, up slightly from 52% in 2016
  • Only 16% of people think that there is currently enough action being taken to reduce the amount of roadside litter in Scotland, down from 20% in 2016
  • 91% of people think that roadside litter creates a negative impression of Scotland, up from 88% in 2016

Since the start of the campaign, people are more aware of roadside litter as an issue in Scotland

  • 86% of people agree that there is a problem with roadside litter, up 18% since the start of the campaign

Bottles, cans and fast food packaging are the most noticeable types of roadside litter

  • 70% of respondents noticed bottles and cans, up from 63% in 2016
  • 64% of respondents noticed fast food litter, up from 61% in 2016


Shifting up a gear

In this, phase 2 of our campaign, we will be collaborating with partners old and new to create interventions that work, whilst mounting the pressure on the true culprits of Scotland’s roadside litter problem: those who drop it.

In addition to messaging and infrastructure interventions that will encourage road users to do the right thing, we will also be working to make necessary improvements to litter legislation and remove barriers to effective enforcement.

For a full overview, please refer to our Phase One Campaign Report, here.

Whether you are an individual, community group, local business or council who would like to do something about roadside litter in your area please get in touch.

Please also visit our campaign resource page to download campaign materials.

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15 August 2018

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