Saving water in Scotland? Really?

There are opportunities for communities work with Scottish Water and Home Energy Scotland to distribute free water saving packs to householders.

Although we've had some rain after the lengthy hot and dry spell, it is important for all of us that we manage our water resources efficiently on a permanent basis.

Only 1% of rainfall is available for use by Scottish Water and it takes a lot of energy to provide clean drinking water.

Heather Anderson, Strategic Planner at Scottish Water explains further:

“It also takes a lot of energy to collect, treat and pump water to our homes, so that customers can enjoy clean, fresh drinking water whenever they turn on their taps”

“As well as helping to conserve a precious resource, any reduction in energy used, no matter how small, would have a positive effect on Scotland’s carbon footprint. As Scottish Water remains publicly owned, any savings achieved would be re-invested in the business to help improve services and keep customer charges down.

“Similarly, as heating of water in the home constitutes about a quarter of a household’s energy bill, helping householders use water wisely is good for the environment and our bills. We have found that discussing water efficiency has been a surprisingly effective way of engaging householders on wider climate change issues as well as improving their carbon literacy.”

Building on an extensive water efficiency trial, Scottish Water is currently working in partnership with Home Energy Scotland and a number of other organisations to deliver 49,000 free water saving packs to Scottish householders between 2017-2021.

The packs aim to improve awareness of water use and to reduce waste and include:

  • A booklet, full of ideas and suggestions to help householders to use water wisely, saving both water and energy
  • A range of water saving devices, which may include an aerated showerhead, a shower timer, kitchen and bathroom tap aerators, a universal plug, a garden hose gun and a cistern displacement device.

Following successful pilots, Scottish Water would like to work with  community groups to help distribute water saving packs where it would help them meet their engagement, energy efficiency and carbon literacy objectives.

Staff working with community groups will be offered training to enable them to provide advice and capture the information required to identify which devices are suitable for each household

If you are interested in working with us on a local campaign, please contact Heather.Anderson@scottishwater.co.uk or 07823533371.

08 August 2018


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