Roadside litter campaign comes to Irvine

We have joined forces with North Ayrshire Council to roll out our roadside litter campaign in Irvine.

The Council’s Streetscene team was joined yesterday by volunteering staff from local businesses and the Irvine Clean Up Crew, helping to clean up the area around the Rivergate Retail Park. Together, volunteers picked up an incredible 17 bags of roadside litter.

Our campaign against roadside litter urges road users to take responsibility for their litter, encouraging them to “give their litter a lift, take it home”.

In Irvine, the campaign will focus on key laybys and sites around the Rivergate Retail Park, where litter monitoring has been underway since the start of November.

Despite 91% of the public believing roadside litter is creating a negative impression of Scotland, 50 tonnes of litter are discarded on Scotland’s roadsides every month, with almost every main road in the country affected.

North Ayrshire Councillor Jim Montgomerie, Cabinet Member for Place, said:

“The litter strewn on Irvine’s roadsides is coming from drivers who are not disposing of their rubbish appropriately. Roadside litter is difficult and dangerous to clean up and puts unnecessary pressure on our staff.

“Irvine attracts a lot of visitors and we don’t want our local environment, and their first impressions, to be blighted by litter.

“Cleaning up is not enough to tackle this problem. We need to stop it at the source.”

Sarah Hughes from Irvine Clean Up Crew said: “We are pleased that North Ayrshire Council is trying to tackle the issue of roadside litter. Our clean up starts this campaign off with a clean slate - and clean roadsides.

“I hope that this action will inspire others to take more care of our environment and do their part to help keep Irvine looking its best. It’s not hard to do. Just take your litter home.”

Now in its second phase, our roadside litter campaign is shifting up a gear on Scotland’s roadside litter problem.

Georgina Massouraki, Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Roadside Litter Campaign Officer, said: “Research has revealed that over half of the litter on our roads comes from people eating and drinking in their vehicles.

“We welcome the support for our campaign from North Ayrshire Council. In Scotland we have seen a significant increase in the amount of litter lying at our roadsides. Every single piece of litter has been discarded by a thoughtless individual. It is essential that everyone plays their part to address this.

“Across North Ayrshire, and the rest of Scotland, the message is simple - give your litter a lift, take it home!”

Whether you are an individual, community group, local business or council who would like to do something about roadside litter in your area please get in touch.



06 December 2018

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