Roadside funnel bins come to Scotland

New partners Highland Spring support innovative litter solution along North Coast 500 route and beyond

These specially designed bins have been shown to be effective in previous trials in Denmark and England, by making it easier for drivers to dispose of waste directly from their vehicles. This is the first time that the bins will be trialed in Scotland and we will be positioning them at roadside sites where drivers can safely slow down, stop or even get out and walk over to the bins to dispose of waste.

As of this week, the first two funnel bins will be installed at the car park exits of Inverewe Gardens and Scrabster Harbour, near Thurso, both popular locations along the North Coast 500 route. This complements other work that we've done in the area around the roadside litter campaign, bringing more focus to the issue as we move into the summer holidays. As the bins are large and eye-catching, they will also serve as a practical reminder to everyone who sees them, to be considerate and dispose of their litter responsibly when on the road.

Following this trial, we will be on the look-out for more locations for the bins so, if you are responsible for a suitable site, please get in touch.

The funnel bin initiative is being funded by Highland Spring as part of their plans to support innovative and practical interventions to reduce the environmental impact of litter and encourage recycling.

On launching the initiative, Les Montgomery, Chief Executive of Highland Spring said:

“Working with Keep Scotland Beautiful to launch these innovative new funnel bins is part of our commitment to decisive action in relation to plastics, litter and recycling. Scotland’s landscape is home to our natural-source waters and we firmly believe in doing all we can to protect it.

“That means taking every opportunity to inspire positive behaviour change and encourage the responsible disposal of litter. We’re urging drivers to do the right thing by using the bins along the North Coast 500 route. That’s when we’ll see the real impact that initiatives such as these can have in tackling roadside litter.”

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, added:

“Keep Scotland Beautiful is delighted to launch this funnel bin innovation in Scotland. It is part of a suite of actions that we are taking in order to raise awareness and change the bad habits that are responsible for the growing problem of roadside litter in Scotland.

Tourism is vital for maintaining sustainable local communities across the country, and plays a critical role along the North Coast 500 route so protecting the natural landscape is central to this.

We continue to encourage road users to be considerate and take responsibility for their litter when travelling across our beautiful country and these bins make it easier than ever to do the right thing.”

09 July 2018

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