Perth cup collector calls for action to stop the flood of littered single-use cups

Following national news coverage about the vast numbers of single use cups being used and littered earlier this year, a self-confessed litter picker from Perth, has collected more than 200 littered cups.

Over the past three months Duncan Cameron, has been keeping a tally of all the single use cups collected from a 6km route which includes Main Street, Bridgend, Isla Road towards the entrance gates of Scone Palace, and back towards the public car park at Quarrymill.  His route also includes the A94 Perth to Coupar Angus Road.

Duncan said:  "The scourge of single-use coffee cups in the countryside is often hidden in the grass and hedgerows.  It's not until they're picked up that the true numbers are revealed.  I've been amazed at the quantity of both hot and cold drinks cups that have been casually discarded - all could have been disposed of responsibly, instead of turning our verges into a landfill site".

An estimated 208 million single use cups are used in Scotland every year, and our annual audits show that they form a significant part of the litter that we record on our streets, roadsides and open spaces.  

Duncan’s evidence backs this up, with him collecting 224 cups between January and March, of which 117 were coffee cups, and 107 were from cold drinks.

His monthly cup tally results were:

January:  Hot drinks cups – 25, Cold drinks cups – 29.  Total: 54

February:  Hot drinks cups – 48, Cold drinks cups - 41.  Total: 89 

March:  Hot drinks cups – 44, Cold drinks cups - 37.  Total: 81

Carole Noble, our Operations Director said, “We would ultimately like to see a reduction in the consumption of single use items, but in the short to medium term we need to educate consumers about recycling, and not littering.  

“Evidence such as that collected by Duncan really helps us to make the point that cups, from hot and cold drinks, really are a big litter problem – but something we can all do something about.  I’d like to thank him for his dedication, and look forward to hearing how many more are collected in coming months.”

Perth & Kinross Council provided Duncan with a litter picker and are supporting his ongoing mammoth efforts to collect and record litter from his area.

04 May 2018

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