MSPs urge road users to give their litter a lift

A number of MSPs have given their backing to our national Roadside Litter Campaign following a roundtable briefing at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

The session chaired by Graeme Dey MSP provided a perfect opportunity for MSPs to discuss the topic of roadside litter and how best to tackle the issue.

This support comes as new research reveals that 73% of people believe there has been no improvement in roadside litter levels in the past few years, and 88% of people agree that the owner of a car should face a fine when litter is thrown from a vehicle, by them or a passenger.

We are calling for an improvement to current legislation on littering from vehicles as laid out in the national litter strategy Towards a Litter-free Scotland

The event at the Scottish Parliament takes place as the campaign celebrates a Week of Action on the issue, running from 12-20 May, encouraging people from across the country to get involved and help raise awareness of roadside litter.

Lindsay Montgomery, Chairman of Keep Scotland Beautiful, said:

“It is time to shift our roadside litter campaign up a gear. We believe that, alongside education and infrastructure, enforcement has to be a part of the solution to our roadside litter shame.

We are very grateful for the cross-party support on the issue of roadside litter. The charity is calling for Scotland to be brought in line with England and Wales where the legislation was recently changed to allow for fines to be levied at the owner even if a passenger discards litter from the vehicle”.

With investment from industry and working in partnership with, Transport Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland, VisitScotland, road operating companies and local authorities, the campaign urges road users to take personal responsibility for their litter, encouraging them to give their litter a lift, and take it home.

15 May 2018


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