Housing association launches carbon management strategy

Clydebank Housing Association has launched its first Carbon Management Strategy written in conjunction with our environmental services team.

The Strategy is designed to provide regular reviews of carbon reduction projects already in place and to help identify and assess future reduction activity.  It creates a unified approach to resource use, sustainability and environmental management within the Association and complements other community environmental projects. 

Derek Robertson, our CEO said: “Clydebank Housing Association is one of only a few in its sector to have a robust Carbon Management Strategy, and we would like to congratulate them for taking the lead.   We look forward to continue to work with the Association in the coming years, and to supporting the delivery of their five-year carbon reduction target of 15%.”

In the Scottish Government Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, a mandatory target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 was set and the public sector has been reporting against this for the past two years.  

Organisations like Clydebank Housing Association do not currently have to make mandatory reports on climate change action, but in a pioneering manner the association recognised a responsibility to act in a way that reduces its impact on the environment whilst also having a positive effect on resource use, costs and health and wellbeing of tenants.

The Association plans to achieve its 5-year carbon reduction target of 15% (based on 2016 consumption) and cumulative saving of over £18,000 by implementing carbon reduction projects such as the introduction of electric vehicles, automatic control for lighting, reduced flush technology for toilets, increased recycling and more efficient use of gas central heating amongst others.  This will amount to a total of 62 tCO2e reduction against the baseline year.

Find out how our environmental services team could support you take action to create a carbon management plan.





09 May 2018

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