Fyvie Primary School lands our Hero of the Month award

The pupils at Fyvie Primary School will be ending their school year celebrating being our June Clean Up Scotland heroes.

The school have landed this award as recognition for their work on the environment, particularly their focus on preventing litter for the Spring Clean and our Roadside Litter Campaign's Week of Action. The award is part of the long-standing national Clean Up Scotland campaign, and is the first time in two years that the recognition has been landed in Aberdeenshire.

Fyvie Primary School's motivated Eco Committee made the decision to join our Week of Action to tackle roadside litter in Fyvie. They spoke to the whole school at an assembly and asked all the classes to help the community by picking up litter in their local community sometime during the week of the campaign. In fact, the school spread their litter picking efforts over two weeks so that they could monitor and benefit the community even more.

Several pupils gave up their Friday evening to pick up litter at the Fyvie Gala - the popular local community event. Their activity there also included spreading the word around local people about why they shouldn’t drop litter.

Angus, P7 pupil and Chair of Fyvie School Eco Committee, said:

“I’m happy that we extended our work radius and do litter picks in the village too. People know there’s a lot of litter and they still drop it. I wouldn’t do that – we would all dispose of our litter properly and we think others should do the same.”
Katie, P7 pupil and Treasurer of Fyvie School Eco Committee, added:

“I like that we’re helping not just the community but also animals, who could be harmed by litter. It keeps the area cleaner and it looks much better if there’s no litter. Our classes went to the same places in the village a week apart and still found litter to collect. This proves that litter keeps happening, it’s not just that it’s built up over a long time.”

The results of the activity have been so positive, and the need for continuing clean up work so stark, that the class will be using their Clean Up kits for other local young people to borrow them when they’d like to litter pick in their own time.

The School/committee  was presented with the award by Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Heather McLaughlin.  The award is supported by The Helping Hand Company who provide each Hero with a Clean Up kit - including a new Scottish litter picker and handy hoop.

Heather McLaughlin, one of our Community Projects Officers commented:

“This is a fantastic achievement for the school - just great for them to take the lead in the school response to their local litter problem. As Angus and Katie have pointed out, this is a problem that has an unacceptable impact on local environments, and the committee and the wider school are to be congratulated on their joint response.

“The Clean up Scotland Hero Award is recognition for those who made a real difference to their local environment. It is great to see young people taking such practical steps to clean up and convince others to stop dropping litter and be more responsible.”

All our heroes received an Clean Up kit donated by Helping Hand Environmental. The School plan to our their Hero kits available for pupils to loan out in the evenings - great idea!

Want to nominate someone to be our next hero? Find out more on our Nominate a Hero page.

22 June 2018

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