First Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations course to take place in Edinburgh

We are pleased to announce that we are running the first Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations course in Scotland, to be held in Edinburgh on Tuesday 20th November, in partnership with the Carbon Literacy Project.

Last week the world’s leading scientist set us a clear challenge - there is time to avoid catastrophic climate change, but to do so requires urgent and large-scale action.  Carbon Literacy is the ideal first step on your journey to meeting this challenge.

This Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations (CLIO) course is particularly designed to showcase a wider than normal range of training materials to show how you can adapt Carbon Literacy to suit your organisation and tailor it to maximise the benefits - both to the planet and your organisation.

The Carbon Literacy Project is a unique initiative that aims to support individuals and organisations to take the ambitious steps necessary to drastically reduce carbon emissions, via a days’ worth of learning where people work, study or live.  The approach is unique because each course is tailored to a learner’s context – no two Carbon Literacy Courses are the same!

Some of the benefits Carbon Literacy can bring:

  • Decreased in-house energy use and resource consumption
  • Improved organisational profile; a badge to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability
  • A healthier and happier work environment
  • Enhanced competitiveness

Representatives of any and all organisations are invited to attend this days’ worth of learning.  We're pleased to offer this first course at a discounted introductory rate.  Click here for more information and to book your place



15 October 2018


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