Enterprise Rent-A-Car joins us to keep Scotland's roadsides clean

Major car rental business joins our Roadside Litter Campaign and asks road users to give their litter a lift, and take it home.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has offered its support to our national roadside litter campaign to clean up Scotland’s roads. With 50 tonnes of litter being collected from Scottish motorways every month, the roadside litter campaign is urging road users to take responsibility for their litter.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has signed up to support the campaign and will be providing rental customers at branches throughout Scotland with car litter bags provided by Smith Anderson – encouraging them to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

The move follows a trial at their central Glasgow branch in November last year, which saw 800 bags being distributed to customers. Results from the survey showed that, with 73% of those surveyed having noticed litter at the side of the road during their travels, 64% of customers used the car litter bags provided whilst on the road. Similarly, 82% of respondents felt the bag were a good way of reducing the amount of litter discarded at Scotland’s roadsides.

Allyson Bennie, Senior Remarketing Manager for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Scotland and Northern Ireland, said:

“We are proud to be working with Keep Scotland Beautiful and supporting the charity’s roadside anti-litter initiative. Many of our customers are looking to explore Scotland, enjoy the views and appreciate the surroundings - not to be faced with roadsides full of litter spoiling their visit and stopping them from returning.

“We hope that the car litter bags encourage people to dispose of their rubbish responsibly, have a positive impact on the litter levels found at the side of our roads and keep our visitors returning.”

Derek Robertson, our Chief Executive said: “We are delighted to welcome Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s support for our roadside anti-litter campaign. The car litter bags provide the opportunity to reach out to a wide variety of people travelling Scotland-wide, both for business or pleasure, and encourage them to do their part in tackling the blight of litter on Scotland’s roads.

“By working closely with businesses, road operators and the public sector across Scotland we will be taking direct action to reduce roadside litter and hope that by contributing our respective expertise and resources we will be able to reach more people and have a greater impact.”

Our recent monitoring has revealed that over 82.8% of Scotland’s main roads and iconic routes are affected by litter. With investment from industry and working in partnership with Transport Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland, VisitScotland, road operating companies and local authorities, the campaign hopes to see road users reduce the amount of litter thrown from vehicles.

06 March 2018


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