Energy Saving Advice for Shetlanders

Warmer Homes Shetland is a brand new project run by Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau, which is supported by a grant of £108,401 from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund.

Shetlanders are invited to sign up for a free home visit by a qualified Energy Adviser, who will assess the fabric of their home and look at how they use energy. Advice will be tailored to that particular household and might range from insulation measures and draught-proofing to optimising the use of appliances. If people are wondering whether renewables would suit their home, the team can also help explore the various options and financial support available.

Any savings a household makes on their energy bill can also reduce their carbon footprint and it is hoped that the project will raise awareness of climate change and ways that the local community can take action to help tackle it.

Isa Kristiansen-Bragg, Community Engagement Officer said:

“Shetland has a harsh climate and is vulnerable to rising energy costs. This has led to a Shetland-wide fuel poverty level of 53%, rising to 64% in the north isles and 81% among those on benefits.

"With the biggest problem facing many householders being how to heat their home, we’re also offering advice on energy tariffs and payment methods, along with guidance on benefits and debts. Together with an energy assessment, this advice can help maximise people’s income and make their home warmer.”

Keep Scotland Beautiful manage the Climate Challenge Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government and Pete Leonard, Operations Director said:

“We encourage the local community to take advantage of the free support available through the Warmer Homes Shetland project as using energy more efficiently in the home helps to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions in addition to cutting fuel bills.

“We look forward to supporting Shetland Islands Citizens Advice Bureau as they implement their project and empowering many more communities to take action on climate change. We see it as part of our work to make Scotland clean, green and sustainable.”

A social media campaign will soon be launched, offering advice on how households can save money on their fuel bills and make their homes warmer. Ertie the Trow (pictured above) will help to bring the campaign to life!

Find out more on the Warmer Homes Shetland Facebook page.


04 October 2018

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