Energy advice for East Sutherland

Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust give insight into their Climate Challenge Fund activities.

Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust run the East Sutherland Energy Advice Service, (ESEAS), which is supported by a grant from the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund (CCF).

We were pleased to catch up with ESEAS Project Officer, Sarah Forrest who gave us a summary of their work.

The ESEAS project offers home energy advice, helping the community to improve energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and helping to tackle climate change.  Support is available to homeowners and those living in private or social housing.

The project has been notable for the number of engaging outreach activities they have run. Events to tie in with Climate Week in September included a climate themed film showing and an ISM workshop run by Highland Council as part of their Carbon Clever initiative. In addition, 25 members of the local community attended an 'Energy Bingo' session. There was a professional bingo caller, with prizes being given away which were energy efficient, low carbon food or recycled.  Examples include a draught excluder, shower timer, locally produced jam, radiator insulating panels and recycled hurricane proof pegs. Each prize had carbon and monetary savings listed so attendees could learn more about the positive impact a small change can make. Four attendees signed up to receive a home energy audit from the ESEA team.

ESEAS have also worked effectivley with others, including local CCF Project 'Energy Savers Train to Gain' in Lairg. You can find out more through the video recording of their Climate Snapshots presentation at the CCF Gathering.

You can find more CCF case studies covering energy efficiency, plus other themes of project in the case studies section of the CCF website.

The CCF is a Scottish Government grants programme, managed and administered by Keep Scotland Beautiful, which provides funding and support for community groups to tackle climate change through community-led projects that reduce carbon emissions.

23 January 2018

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