Climate Change Bill welcomed

The Scottish Government’s Climate Change Bill was published today, 24 May, setting out some of the toughest legislation in the world to tackle climate change.

The Bill commits to an immediate target of 90% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, and will see Scotland become one of the first countries worldwide to work towards an ambitious 100% reduction in carbon emissions as soon as possible.

We welcome the legal requirement for Ministers to review the net-zero target every five years, and that this will become legally-binding as soon as there is evidence to demonstrate the date is credible and achievable, and has been consented by the Scottish Parliament.  In addition, we support the commitment to cut emissions from all sectors in Scotland and not through the use of carbon offsetting.

This Bill provides us all with an opportunity to push for more ambitious and detailed new policies that will deliver multiple benefits for the economy, public health and our environment. The Bill will also allow us to firmly commit to a pathway that leads to zero emissions in the future.

As your charity for the environment we are committed to continuing to support and empower communities and young people to become aware of climate change and to act to reduce their carbon emissions. Our ambition is to influence and support people across Scotland to make the transition to a low carbon society.  Having recognised the role the Sustainable Global Goals can play in raising awareness and encouraging action on environmental issues, particularly through Global Goal 13 Climate Action, we hope to see further links to the Global Goals across the Scottish Government’s outcomes and policies, in particular the revised National Outcomes. 

Derek Robertson, our Chief Executive commented: “In order to achieve these ambitious targets action will need to increase immediately, across every sector of Scotland.

“We’re supportive of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland call for MSPs from all parties to push for stronger targets on emissions and the action needed to deliver on them in line with the Paris Agreement.”

"It is important to recognise that the journey to become a low carbon country requires action by individuals, communities, businesses and government - not just the setting of ambitious targets."

24 May 2018

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