CEMVO Scotland Ethnic Minority Environmental Network event

CEMVO Scotland have organised the Climate Changemaker Residential on 14 -16 September as a weekend of shared learning, inspirational talks, activities and making connections on climate change issues.

CEMVO think that the event will be of particular interest if you are:

• An individual or mainstream organisation working on or interested in climate change and environmental issues
• Looking to connect with a diverse group of people from multicultural backgrounds who are passionate about climate change
• Looking to get away from every day stresses, connect with nature in beautiful surroundings, eat great food and share experience and knowledge

The Ethnic Minority Environmental Network Climate Change Makers Weekend Residential has been created to allow you to:

• EXPLORE the connections between local and global social and environmental issues
• LEARN about different approaches to making a difference
• GET INSPIRED by individuals and organisations creating change
• RELAX in a quiet and peaceful environment in the countryside
• CONNECT to others actively involved in work on climate change and justice issues

Change makers come from all walks of life, but all come with the same deep desire to contribute to positive change. This residential will give you the space and time to leave all other stresses and distractions from your everyday lives and work commitments behind, to really connect with our environment and one another to inspire and encourage you to take action.

As leaders from diverse communities in Scotland many of the Network members remain very connected to their country of origin. This is why the Ethnic Minority Environmental Network can make a unique contribution to work on climate change both in Scotland but also internationally and you will have the opportunity to develop new networks and contacts, working together and discussing shared ideas and solutions on climate change issues that matter to everyone.

Places are limited and cost £150.00 for the full weekend and include all course materials, accommodation and food.

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10 September 2018

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