Celebrating Europe Day

European Regional Development Fund contributes to Climate Challenge Fund.

The £15.3 million 2018-20 Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) is made up of £14.3 million from The Scottish Government and £1 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural Investment Fund.

24 current CCF Grant Recipients, (with projects involving waste and circular economy activities, or installation of energy efficient measures in community owned buildings), have been awarded grants that include a contribution from the ERDF. You can find out more about current Grant Recipients via the interactive map on the CCF website.

The Transition Stirling Tool Library was one of the projects to benefit from CCF and ERDF funding in 2017/18 and has also been awarded funding for 2018-20. It works just like an ordinary library, except instead of borrowing books, all sorts of tools and other equipment are available to borrow. The project also runs Repair Cafe events, where a variety of items including tools and electronic equipment can be repaired for free.

We were very grateful to the Tool Library and Zero Waste Scotland for organising a Repair Cafe event at the CCF Gathering in October. A number of delegates took full advantage to learn more about how to repair electronics and clothing.

In a brief quiet spell we were pleased to talk with Kirill Obolenskiy from the Tool Library who shared some of his thoughts on the project and the support it has received from the CCF and ERDF. We were also pleased to catch up with and Miriam Adcock from Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS), who explained the role of ZWS in ERDF funding and some of the support that they offer to community-led organisations.

In 2018-20 the Transition Stirling Tool Library is supported by a grant of £299,786 from the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund which includes maximum funding of £112,506 from the European Regional Development Fund.

09 May 2018


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