Ardroy’s Food Waste Warriors

Tackling food waste at Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre.

Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre is receiving support from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) to reduce food waste sent to landfill from the Centre.

The Ardroy’s Food Waste Warriors project will involve the installation of a new food waste composter and food waste collector. The project will also work with staff and visitors through a food education programme to reduce the amount of food waste produced and increase understanding of the link between food and climate change.

Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre was awarded a grant of £8,578 from the CCF for the Food Waste Warriors initiative and is one of 110 projects currently supported through the CCF.

You can find out more about the Food Waste Warriors project on Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre’s website.

You can view all currently funded CCF projects through the interactive map on the CCF website.

22 May 2018


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