Woodfuel Usage and Demand 2015

The latest Woodfuel Demand and Usage Report for Scotland has been released by Forestry Commission Scotland. This report on existing and potential woodfuel use covers 2015 and assesses the possible additional use of woodfuel for the next few years.

Headlines from Woodfuel Demand and Usage in Scotland Report include:

- a total of 5,985 woodfuel boilers were installed in Scotland by the end of 2015

- the total amount of woodfuel used was £1,248k oven dry tonnes. In 2014, the total woodfuel used was estimated to be 1,098k odt. There was, therefore, a 14% increase in woodfuel usage in Scotland over this period. This is in contrast to the 2013-14 increase of 41%.

- The highest number of woodfuel boiler installations was found in rural Local Authority areas, with Aberdeenshire, Borders, Dumfries and Galloway and Highland accounting for almost 50% of all installations.

- the majority of woodfuel used in Scotland continues to be virgin fibre, sawmill co-products and process residues (52%).

- There will be at least two large new woodfuel boilers commissioned in 2016 with a further 3 large boilers in the process of design, planning or development. The predicted increase in woodfuel demand for 2016 is 72.5k odt and in 2017 a further 12k odt.

- woodfuel boilers contributed 3,276k MWh in 2015 to Scottish Government's renewable heat targets.

- Wood-fuelled boilers in Scotland are estimated to have saved 1,467k tonnes of CO2e in 2015.

22 March 2017


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