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Film celebrates achievements of ‘Grow to Eat’ Climate Challenge Fund project

You Can Cook have produced a film to celebrate the achievements of their Grow to Eat project, which was awarded a grant from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) in 2016.

Grow to Eat aimed to reduce local carbon emissions by increasing the amount of locally grown produce at a number of allotment sites, including the edible garden built within the school grounds of St Ronan’s Primary School, Innerleithen. The project also offered training, information, advice and support to help Innerleithen and the surrounding areas learn how to grow and cook local, seasonal produce and reduce food waste.

Featuring interviews from community members involved with the project, this film celebrates achievements of Grow to Eat.

You Can Cook are currently in receipt of CCF funding to run the Food for Life project which is providing the local community in Innerleithen, Walkerburn and Traquair with opportunities to grow their own lower carbon food and reduce food waste. New growing spaces are being developed while training workshops are helping people to develop the skills and experience to grow their own food and cook meals that use local, seasonal produce with minimal waste.

The CCF has supported 420 projects involving food. These projects aim to reduce carbon emissions associated with food by encouraging the growing and consumption of local food.  CCF projects also work to reduce food waste in their communities as well as encouraging composting of unavoidable food waste. You can view video features and downloadable case studies of CCF projects involving food on the CCF website.

22 August 2017


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