Transition Guide for Universities and Colleges

The Transition Network published ‘A Guide to doing Transition in your University or College’ in January. The Guide profiles initiatives in the Universities of St Andrews, Edinburgh, Heriot Watt and Stirling.

The Guide explores what a Transition University is, as well as looking at how to create a Transition University, from initiating a project through to funding and sustaining it.

A first workshop to explore how the guide can be used in practice will be held on 7 April in Dundee. For more information contact Maria Cooper: coop.maria@gmail.com

Profile: Transition University of St Andrews

Initiated by a few keen students and staff who hosted an open meeting in 2009 where key students and staff got involved and formed a steering group. Their first undertaking was to apply for funding and employ staff to deliver projects such as Carbon Conversations, waste reduction, and smart travel. Whilst the initial bid was unsuccessful, the initiative thrived and since then several other funding bids have been successful and a wide range of projects have taken place. The initiative remains governed by a steering group consisting of staff, students, and local community members. It works closely with the university but is not part of its formal structure in any official way.

St Andrews now has 11 community growing spaces and a popular bike maintenance and renting scheme, as well as St-AndReUse - where leaving students donate their unwanted items to students starting next semester. There has also been a lot of work encouraging research and study into Transition, with support for Transition-themed dissertations and the university library boasts a good selection of literature on Transition and Permaculture.

01 February 2017


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