Thirty years in Falkland

Falkland in Bloom returns to Beautiful Scotland under the new name 'Visit Falkland'

Read more about the journey that the community in Falkland have been on over the past three decades and why they have decided to get involved in Beautiful Scotland again this year.

Falkland in Bloom has been together working actively in the community since 1987, and over this period the group has been immensely successful enhancing Falkland to the community it is today. However, it was recognised that it was time for change to bring the group into the 21st century. Hence in July 2016, our current chairman, Ashley Pearson founded and established Visit Falkland, starting the transition from the dated Falkland in Bloom setup to a new structure and focus.

This summer, 2017, sees the 30th anniversary of the organisation, from which we will officially launch Visit Falkland and say goodbye to the name ‘Falkland in Bloom’, whose legacy shall continue forward with us, hopefully for another 30 years.

Before we make the label Falkland in Bloom a thing of the past, we must recognise that without the efforts of many people over the 30 years of its existence we would not be where we are today. In 1987, in several people’s back gardens, it was realised that there was a need to help improve the aesthetics of Falkland. From there, Falkland in Bloom was formed by Keith Jackson, now an Ambassador of Keep Scotland Beautiful, whose continuous support over the years, allowed Falkland to flourish not only locally but internationally.

In 2010 it was decided that Falkland would step back from competitions after being awarded Britain in Bloom’s Champions of Champions for two consecutive years and previously being successful in the Entente Florale in 2007. Following the seven year rest, Falkland is now returning to Beautiful Scotland this year to celebrate 30 years of Falkland in Bloom, showing appreciation of all whom have been committed to making Falkland the community it is today and celebrating the successes they have achieved through the years.

Although to be successful would be a great accomplishment, our focus is directed through the campaign is to bring the community together, get active, make a positive impact on the environment and generate a greater sense of pride in our place.

Chairman, Ashley Pearson, says “Falkland’s return to the Beautiful Scotland campaign this year is very exciting, it is a great way to bring the community together to celebrate and recognise the tremendous amount of work that has been done over the years by many different people dedicated to make the place they live such a nice place to be and the local, national and international accolades that have been achieved.”

06 April 2017

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