Six Recommendations for Public Engagement on Climate Change

Climate Outreach has published ‘Six Recommendations for Public Engagement’ on climate change, based on the key findings from the European Perceptions of Climate Change (EPCC) project. The EPCC, coordinated by Cardiff University, surveyed public attitudes towards climate change and energy transitions across France, Germany, Norway and the UK.

Climate Outreach’s report is aimed at communications professionals, campaigners, and other practitioners, and contains practical recommendations for more effective public engagement on climate change.

The six recommendations are:

- Climate change is getting closer to home for many Europeans: Connect with people’s experiences and expectations around extreme weather

- Adaptation policies are uncontroversial: Build on this to talk about different types of climate measures

- Support for renewable energy is consistently high: Emphasise the social consensus on climate change to build a sense of momentum

- Identities and priority concerns differ across nations: Work 'with the grain' to make climate communication regionally relevant

- People are already moving in response to climate change, but the connection is not yet well understood: Cautiously and constructively make the link between climate change and migration

- Awareness of some commonly-used policy and campaigning terms is low across the four surveyed nations: Avoid policy jargon (e.g. ‘fracking’, ‘divestment’, ‘mitigation’ and ‘adaptation’).

22 March 2017


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