Scottish Borders Council backs roadside litter campaign

The Council joins a call for road users to give their litter a lift and take it home with them.

We have joined forces with the Scottish Borders Council to roll out our national drive to clean up Scotland’s roadsides. With 88% of adults in the South of Scotland agreeing that roadside litter creates a negative impression of Scotland, the campaign aims to tackle the behaviour which is ruining the view for all road users.

Scottish Borders Council is actively supporting the national campaign to urge road users to take personal responsibility for their litter, encouraging them to “give their litter a lift, and take it home”.

The local campaign is set to focus on tackling litter along the A1 and will see posters displayed on a number of new bins being rolled out to laybys along the stretch of road, in addition to new larger bins that will be trialled at the border layby itself. As part of the campaign, litter levels will be monitored in order to test out the effectiveness of these new measures.

Councillor Sandy Aitchison, Scottish Borders Council’s Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Locality Services, said:

“Crossing the border into Scotland on the A1 is the first sight many tourists have of the Scottish Borders and for it to be blighted by litter shows disrespect for our beautiful countryside.

“I hope this initiative with Keep Scotland Beautiful reminds people to either take their litter home or use the larger bins being trialled at the border layby.”

Dr Lindsay Montgomery, Chairman at Keep Scotland Beautiful, said:

“As a Borders resident I am delighted that we are have secured the support of the Scottish Borders Council for our nationwide campaign to tackle the country’s roadside litter problem.

“We recognise that to tackle this disgusting and illegal habit, we all need to work together, to raise awareness of the problem of throwing litter from a vehicle, and to trial innovative solutions to change current littering behaviours.

“Across the Scottish Borders, and the rest of Scotland, the message is simple - give your litter a lift, take it home!”

17 December 2017

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