Salix Funding Available For Scottish Public Sector Energy Efficiency Projects

Salix Finance is inviting funding applications for public sector building energy efficiency retrofit projects. This funding is provided by Scottish Government to accelerate decarbonisation efforts in support of the Scottish national carbon reduction targets.

Salix is calling for funding applications for energy efficiency retrofit projects in public sector buildings, with applications closing on 28 February 2017. This funding is provided by Scottish Government to accelerate decarbonisation efforts in support of the Scottish national target of 42% CO2 reductions by 2020 and 80% by 2050.

There are over 120 eligible types of energy efficiency technologies, with a full list available here. Both the Recycling Fund and Loans can be used to finance these technologies. Popular technologies funded include LED lighting and controls, boiler replacements, heating controls and insulation.  Eligible areas of estate include schools, Council offices, depots, museums, carparks, lecture theatres, server rooms, labs, street lighting, leisure centres and care homes.

The compliance criteria are up to an 8 year payback and £200/tCO2 saved over the lifetime of the project, and longer payback projects can be part funded.

This year, there are two interest-free Salix funding models available in Scotland, the Recycling Fund and the interest-free Loan.


Salix Recycling Fund

There is now the opportunity for Scottish public sector bodies to set up a ring-fenced Salix Recycling Fund dedicated to energy efficient technologies.  Energy savings achieved from installing new efficient technologies are reinvested year-on-year into new projects.

The Recycling Fund combines 50:50 contributions from Salix and the public sector body. The Salix contribution is a long-term 100% interest-free repayable grant. Scottish local authorities can use their existing Central Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) or their own capital as match contribution. Salix provides a free online system for managing the Recycling Fund, which offers project, carbon and financial management, as well as ongoing client and technical support from Salix to assist with successful delivery of the fund.


Salix Energy Efficiency Loan

Salix offers one-off interest-free loans for a wide range of energy efficiency technologies. Funding is awarded based on the expected energy savings of the project, after completion of the project the loan is repaid by Direct Debit over the payback period of the project. Salix is able to provide up to 50% of the funding toward project costs, which can include project management and associated work costs within the payback period.


Next round of funding

Due to the ongoing successful uptake of Salix funding for public sector energy efficiency projects, Scottish Government has made available further interest-free funding for both Recycling Funds and Loans.  Loan applications can be made online here. Recycling Fund applications can be made by contacting Salix with details below. This call for funding applications closes on 28 February 2017.

During 2016/17, Salix are focusing support on estate-wide building energy efficiency retrofit. In March this year, Scottish Procurement launched the Non Domestic Energy Efficiency (NDEE) framework which offers guaranteed energy performance contracts. A Project Development Unit was launched in October of this year, to facilitate use of the NDEE Framework by public sector organisations. Salix is able to offer part funding for these programmes, as well as ongoing support and independent technical feedback during the process.

For more information on the Salix funding options available in Scotland, please contact the Programme Coordinator Lindy Frey on lindy.frey@salixfinance.co.uk or 0203 102 6904, or make an expression of interest here.

14 December 2016


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