Roadside litter monitoring commences at Edinburgh's Straiton Junction

Litter count conducted at the busy Straiton Junction of the Edinburgh City Bypass with the help of campaign partners AMEY.

Road operating companies AMEY, BEAR and TranServ are already monitoring roadside litter for our campaign, keeping weekly records of the litter grade and number of bags collected at 15 key sites across the country.

However, in order to gain a better understanding of roadside litter, our Campaign Officer will additionally carry out more in-depth litter counts at up to five key locations, recording the types of litter found at each site. This information can help better-target the campaign and also provides higher resolution data for monitoring its success.

Friday's litter count recorded a total of 333 items of litter across four slip road transects. The most littered items were confectionary and crisp packets, followed by cans, fast food waste and plastic bottles. The West-bound slips, both on and off, showed the highest levels of litter.

No conclusions can be drawn from the data without repeating the count, however, this starts to give us an idea of where roadside litter is coming from and where it's ending up.

The Straiton Junction litter count was a pilot, paving the way for more such activity going forward. All three Road Operating Companies have have agreed to assist with this in their respective areas, providing the necessary road access and safety provisions, and helping us gather high quality data for sound monitoring of our campaign.

24 February 2017


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