Roadside litter given a lift in South Ayrshire

Campaign set to tackle litter and flytipping in the laybys along the A77, A78 and A79.

We are working with  South Ayrshire Council to roll out our roadside litter campaign in the area, in support of their efforts to reduce litter and flytipping on their roads.

Bins were removed from A road laybys earlier this year as there was evidence that they were being misused, attracting flytipping and failing to deter litter louts. Removing the bins has had a positive effect and we are now installing campaign signage in certain laybys in order to address residual litter issues and start to send the message to drivers that littering anywhere is never OK. When on the road: Give your litter a lift, take it home!

South Ayrshire is the second local authority in Scotland to actively support the national campaign. In addition to the layby signs, the campaign presence in the area will include posters and radio adverts, which are going out this week. Litter levels are being monitored as well, in order to test the effectiveness of these measures.

Littering anywhere is illegal and puts an unnecessary burden on council resources. Weekly litter picking at the 19 laybys of local A roads have recorded an average of 54 bags of rubbish per week - approximately ten bags per layby per month. If this is not collected it can pose a danger to drivers, threaten wildlife and ruin views from the road.

Mike Newall, Head of Neighbourhood Services at South Ayrshire Council said of the campaign:

“South Ayrshire is a lovely part of the world and we don’t want our picturesque scenery blighted by litter.

“We were keen to support this campaign for the benefit of both locals and visitors and I am hopeful the colourful, imaginative and engaging signs encourage people to take their litter home.

“Where they don’t dispose of litter properly, we are more than prepared to back up the message with a £80 littering fixed penalty notice, or a £200 penalty for fly tipping, but hopefully the majority of people want to keep South Ayrshire looking beautiful too.”

23 March 2017

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