Roadside litter campaign launches in Angus

We've joined forces with Angus Council, raising awareness and targeting litter at laybys along the A90, encouraging people on the road to dispose of their litter correctly: in the bin or otherwise, take it home!

Angus South MSP Graeme Dey, Cllr Jeanette Gaul, Chair of Angus Council’s Pride in Place Group and Cllr Donald Morrison, Convener of Communities all joined Wido the crisp bag, to launch a local leg of our Roadside Litter Campaign at the McDonald’s in Forfar, right off the A90 where the campaign will be focused. 

Angus Council is the first local authority in Scotland to actively support our national campaign. During March, campaign interventions will appear across the county - including highly visible bins in laybys and signage encouraging people to take their litter home where there are no bins.  Campaign messages will also be broadcast on local radio.

Litter monitoring has been underway since the start of February, with a total of seven instances of flytipping and 692 items of litter cleared from laybys along the Angus stretch of the A90 in the first week alone. We hope to see a reduction in these figures as the campaign progresses.

It costs around £50,000 per yearfor Angus Council clean up litter from the A90. If people disposed of their litter correctly, this amount could be better spent elsewhere, for instance on maintenance such as fixing potholes

The campaign is supported by Angus South MSP, Graeme Dey. He said: "Roadside littering doesn't just have a detrimental impact on the natural environment and the public purse, it also places those charged with the task of removing it in harm’s way.

"In every conceivable regard it is simply unacceptable, therefore I am 100% behind this initiative and the drive to change behaviours."

Councillor Jeanette Gaul, Vice-convener of Communities and Chairperson of the Pride in Place group, added: “I am appalled to learn that 50 tonnes of litter is strewn along Scotland’s roadsides every month.
“In Angus, we may not experience the same levels of this type of anti-social behaviour as other parts of the country, but neither are we immune to it. I urge everyone to play their part in trying to tackle this problem.
“Raising awareness, understanding and a sense of community spirit is essential to changing behaviours. The best way to deal with littering along our main routes and carriageways is for those who are responsible to examine their own actions and then actually take responsibility for them - give their litter a lift and take it home. There really is no excuse for littering.”

Across Angus, the message is simple - give your litter a lift, take it home!

03 March 2017


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