Roadside litter campaign group meets

We're working to take action to tackle Scotland’s roadside litter problem with a coalition of partners from the private and public sector.

On 22 February we were joined by eight members of the Roadside Litter Campaign Group to reflect on campaign achievements to date, and to plan for the future.

At the meeting, representatives from Transport Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland, The Road Haulage Association, PRGS, Community Safety Glasgow, South Ayrshire Council, Angus Council and North Lanarkshire Council committed their ongoing support to action on roadside litter.

The campaign group support the development and delivery of the campaign, enabling us to maximise the campaign's impact across Scotland and create sustainable behaviour change.

Key campaign activity to date includes:

- monitoring of roadside litter at key sites across Scotland;

- introduction of first intervention - a face through board - at two services stations to reach a new audience in a fun way; and 

- general awareness raising of roadside litter and the problems it causes through media, social media and political engagement.

Looking forward to March the campaign activity will step up with further social media communications planned, anti-littering interventions being tested in two local authority areas.  Watch this space for further information.

21 February 2017


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