Paper cup and packaging group join call for drivers to take litter home

We welcome the support of industry groups The Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) and the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG) as they back our national effort to clean up Scotland’s roads.

Our Roadside Litter Campaign aims to tackle the growing problem of litter ruining Scotland’s main highways and iconic routes by raising awareness of the impacts and testing out solutions to help solve the ever increasing problem.

Signing up to the roadside litter campaign strengthens both organisations’ commitment to keeping Scotland beautiful. As part of the pledge, the groups will be working with their members to promote the aims of the initiative.

Adrian Pratt, Executive Board Member of PCRRG commented: “The Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group are actively supporting litter intervention programmes as an integral part in the delivery of the Manifesto Commitment. Partnering with KSB is a very natural fit, working with them on their Roadside Litter Campaign to manage paper cups that are discarded on our roadsides and contributing to the litter found there. PCRRG takes its commitment in relation to litter prevention very seriously, as well as the partnerships to initiate long term change in littering behaviour.”

Executive Director of the FPA, Martin Kersh, commented: Litter unfairly damages the image of the packaging sector and the sector is committed to work with others to reduce litter and littering.  

“Keep Scotland Beautiful has produced a superbly targeted campaign with a powerful message and excellent graphics. We would welcome this campaign being run across the whole of the UK. Those who litter from vehicles need to recognise the impact this has for the environment and for others. So many feel their one piece of litter will make no difference - I’m afraid it does and this campaign helps to highlight the significant and negative environmental impacts we face if we don’t change behaviour.

“I’d like to commend the BSDA and its members for commissioning this partnership campaign and I would urge others within our sector to support it and encourage the campaign’s expansion across the UK.”

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “We welcome the support from both the PCRRG and the FPA for our roadside litter campaign. This is significant backing from two major players in the packaging industry and sends out a powerful message to both businesses and consumers in Scotland about the importance of the problem and the substantial support for finding a long term solution.

“It is vital that we encourage drivers to dispose of their litter responsibly. Fundamentally, this campaign is about taking personal responsibility for individual behaviour. Throwing litter from your vehicle is a disgusting and illegal habit. I am proud of the part that we are playing in coordinating this campaign to help clean up Scotland’s roads.”

14 August 2017


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