New Research: Engaging the Centre-Right on Climate Change

A new study by Cardiff University and Climate Outreach reveals that language around British low-carbon energy technologies and the idea of avoiding waste resonates strongly with people of right-of-centre political views. A practical guide has also been produced which provides language to use and avoid to engage people from across the political spectrum.

New Research

The peer-reviewed study, authored by Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh of Cardiff University and Dr Adam Corner of Climate Outreach, involved over 2,000 people from across the political spectrum. It finds key uses of language which resonated with everyone, particularly those with centre-right values:

- “Great British Energy”: patriotic support for the UK’s flourishing low-carbon energy technologies, and

- a focus on avoiding waste as a critical part of saving energy.

The study also found that a more typical environmentalist narrative focused on the concept of 'climate justice’ polarised audiences along political lines and was only endorsed by those on the left.

New Practical Guide

Accompanying the research is a practical guide, produced in collaboration with The UK Climate Coalition, which provides language to use and avoid to engage people from across the political spectrum.

The guide, Public engagement with climate change post-Brexit: a centre-right perspective, was produced in response to climate campaigners and communicators consistently stating that they struggle to have conversations with people of centre-right values. The guide offers key recommendations for language to use and avoid, based on 11 core values and principles that centre-right audiences hold dear.

08 February 2017


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