Joint effort clears 65 bags of litter from iconic Glencoe

We joined forces over the weekend with the National Trust for Scotland and BEAR Scotland for their spring clean of the A82 trunk road in Glencoe.

The iconic road carries hundreds of visitors to the highlands each day, however, this comes at a cost, from a minority of careless drivers who discard their litter in this beautiful landscape.

The National Trust for Scotland regularly conduct litter picking across their estates as part of their many conservation activities, however, litter on the roadsides cannot be safely cleared without traffic management. For this reason, they have recently teamed up with road operators BEAR Scotland in order to conduct the necessary litter clearance along one of the most iconic routes, the A82.

Setting off from the Glencoe Visitor Centre in the morning, a team of around 15 National Trust for Scotland Volunteers spent the whole day tackling the road in short 10 minute bursts whilst BEAR operatives managed the flow of traffic.

The road had to be completely closed off in both directions in order for the volunteers to safely clear the litter. Speed was of the utmost importance so as to minimize the time that traffic had to be held up and so certain verges that were harder to access had to be left uncleared. Nevertheless, a total of 65 bags of litter were removed from the sides of the road, in addition to a significant amount of larger road debris.

Going forward, we hope that our campaign to reduce roadside litter will see the amounts collected here decrease. The NTS have offered to help with the local deployment of the campaign in the area and will also help us monitor litter on the ground. Stay tuned!

For more photos from the day, click here.


21 March 2017


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