Health Professionals Urge Phase Out of Coal Power

The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change - representing 600,000 doctors, nurses and allied health professionals - has urged the UK Government to protect the public’s health by implementing its pledge to phase-out coal power.

The report, and accompanying infographic, argues that approaches to addressing both challenges simultaneously will create much greater health benefits and cost-savings than strategies which address them separately.  The recommendations form part of the Alliance’s latest report, A Breath of Fresh Air’ which makes the case for much more integrated strategies to address air pollution and climate change.


The report outlines six key recommendations that its authors say the Government and the UK health sector must take to improve air quality and tackle climate change in a coherent way:

- Increase cross-departmental collaboration to promote a joined-up approach to tackling air pollution and climate change

- Phase-out coal power stations by 2025

- Expand existing clean air zones and extend their use to other cities

- Better monitor air pollution in areas where the most vulnerable populations live

- Retain or improve air quality standards that the previous EU regulations afforded us

- Better inform and support health professionals to take local action and provide advice to patients


The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change brings together Britain’s major health institutions, including the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Physicians, and the Royal College of Nursing. Its aim is to encourage stronger, smarter approaches to tackling climate change that protect and promote public health, whilst also reducing the burden on health services.

26 October 2016


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