Full House for 2016/17 Climate Change Reports

All 180 organisations have submitted their Climate Change Reports for the 2016/17 period.

All public bodies regarded as “major players” by the Scottish Government are required to submit a Climate Change Report to Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) annually on the 30 November.

The reports will provide valuable insight into how the Scottish public sector is responding to the challenge of climate change, including how organisations are delivering on carbon emissions reduction, climate change adaptation and procurement policies and activity. The reports also provide information on the governance and management arrangements in place within public bodies to manage climate change.

The number of bodies mandated to submit an annual report has increased this year, following the decision to include the newly formed Integration Joint Boards (IJBs) which bring together NHS and local council care services for each area.

Commenting on the news, George Tarvit, SSN’s Sustainability and Climate Change Manager at Keep Scotland Beautiful said:

“It is fantastic news that all 180 public bodies submitted their Climate Change Reports to the SSN team at Keep Scotland Beautiful by the deadline.

“We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the submissions this year for their hard work in gathering this valuable data. This is a real endorsement by public bodies that they are supportive of the reporting process.

“The SSN team at Keep Scotland Beautiful will now begin the work of translating information contained in the reports into a programme of publications and knowledge exchange events that will support the public sector to further drive forward their climate change action.

“Thanks are also due to the SSN team, who have provided excellent advice and support to the public sector to assist them in completing their submissions.”

The SSN team will now start the process of undertaking an initial quality assurance process in advance of analysing the data.

SSN will publish all Climate Change Reports online in January 2018. A high-level analysis of the data will be published at the end of January. The Climate Change Reports will additionally form the basis for a series of knowledge exchange events and case studies throughout next year.

The Climate Change Act places duties on public bodies with respect to climate change. A statutory order under the Act requires 180 major players to annually report on compliance with the climate change duties. The Order sets out the list of public sector major players required to report against the duties including local authorities, further and higher education institutions, National Health Service bodies, regional transport partnerships, and a range of other non-departmental public bodies.

06 December 2017


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