Continued appetite to take local climate action

Over 250 draft Climate Challenge Fund applications received

Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) Development Officers have been in touch with hundreds of community-led organisations over the past few weeks regarding submitting a draft CCF application.

We were pleased to receive over 250 Draft CCF Applications by the deadline and our Development Officers are currently working through the applications received in chronological order. Applicants will receive feedback from their Development Officer as soon as possible, with guidance provided to help them develop a strong final application.

If you do have any queries regarding your application, please contact your Development Officer. There is also a wealth of information in thePlan your Project' area of the CCF website with further guidance and contacts to help you plan and develop your CCF funding application.

Whether you are applying for CCF funding or not, you can take advantage of a variety of support to help your organisation take local action on climate change:

  • CCF Development Grants of up to £1,500 are available to help community-led organisations identify and scope out potential climate action projects - with the aim of enabling the organisation to apply for a CCF grant or to another funder. The final deadline to apply for a Development Grant is Friday 15 September.
  • CCF Capacity Building Programme - free training and networking opportunities
  • We have a variety of opportunities to help you learn more about climate change, engage in discussions with your community and take local action through the 'Climate Change Engagement' section on the CCF website. This includes Climate Conversations with the Scottish Government offering support for communities to hold a discussion about climate change and share the outcomes. 
  • Funding Scotland - find funding for your charity, community group or social enterprise using the free online search engine.

12 September 2017


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