Call for people to put their butts away

We've teamed up with the National Trust for Scotland to raise awareness of the growing problem of cigarette litter and provide pocket ashtrays to help combat the issue on our roadsides.

Throughout the summer, we'll be offering free portable 'Minibins' at National Trust for Scotland visitor centres and partner outlets to encourage smokers to dispose of their cigarette ends responsibly and tackle the growing litter problem which is ruining Scotland’s iconic roadsides and countryside.

Georgina Massouraki, our Roadside Litter Campaign Officer, commented: “Our roadside litter campaign is a unique opportunity for industry, the public sector, charity and government to all work in partnership and tackle the problem of roadside litter and raise awareness of this blight on our environment. We are very pleased to welcome the National Trust for Scotland on board to help us tackle the blight of cigarette litter on Scotland’s iconic landscape.

“Disposing of cigarette litter out of a car window, or on the ground when out and about, is deeply habitual yet exceptionally harmful. By providing free Minibins we are making it easy for people to do the right thing. Anyone can access the Minibins either at a National Trust for Scotland centre or online. There are no excuses for littering cigarette butts. No ifs. No butts.”

The national roadside litter campaign is urging road users to take personal responsibility for their litter, recognising that over half of the general public have witnessed litter being irresponsibly discarded from a motor vehicle. Smoking-related litter is the most frequently observed type of litter on our streets, which 50% of all Scottish roadsides recorded a presence of smoking related litter.

Scott McCombie, Property Manager & Senior Ranger at the National Trust for Scotland Glencoe & Dalness property, said: “People visit the National Trust for Scotland properties to escape, relax and enjoy Scotland’s beautiful natural surroundings - not to be faced with other people’s litter whether it is on the drive up, in the carpark or out walking.
“I hope that the pocket ashtrays encourage our visitors to think about how to dispose of their cigarette ends responsibly - protecting our environment and keeping our countryside clean.”

David Barnes, Litter & Flytipping Programme Manager, Zero Waste Scotland, said: “We fully support this new partnership campaign to tackle the problem of cigarette litter this summer. Discarded cigarette butts are more than a nuisance, they’re a blight on our country and that’s why Zero Waste Scotland has help and support available for litter managers who want to tackle this and wider litter issues, on our new online Litter Knowledge Network.

“If you’re out enjoying our beautiful country, encourage people to take responsibility for binning their butts, using either these Minibins or other available bins – there’s no excuse for dropping cigarette butts.”

Order yours and find out how you can support the campaign.

06 July 2017


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