Art School Looking for Councils to Contribute to Climate Project

Researchers from Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art are looking to work together with local authorities to inform the development of a visualisation toolkit to help councils engage with citizens on climate change.

New Dialogics is a group of researchers from Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art researching alternative means of reporting climate change to citizens by developing a toolkit to:

“…increase accountability and transparency, making it easier for the public and parties to understand how an organisation is performing in climate change areas”

(from Public Bodies Climate Change Duties Reports - Analysis Report SSN, 2016)

The project is planned to start in March 2017, subject to funding, and complete within 12 months.  

Please note, no funding support is required but the ability to offer space to host a workshop is preferred. If you are interested in contributing to this research please contact Lynn Bradley Lynn.Bradley@glasgow.ac.uk.

(Image courtesy of New Dialogics)

08 February 2017


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