Additional £11m funding for Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme

A further £11 million of funding has been made available for councils across Scotland to make homes, public buildings and businesses more energy efficient.

The second wave of Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP) pilot fund will help local authorities test new and innovative energy-saving approaches with households, community groups and businesses, which can then be taken forward when SEEP is rolled out fully in 2018.

Since 2008 over one million energy efficiency measures have been delivered to almost one million Scottish households. The Scottish Government have already invested more than £650 million since 2009 - and are committed to making another £0.5 billion available over the next four years - to tackle fuel poverty and improve energy efficiency across Scotland.

The projects will build upon and integrate with existing domestic energy efficiency programmes. A consultation on SEEP is currently underway and can be found here: https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/energy-and-climate-change-directorate/scotlands-energy-efficiency-programme/

Up to £11 million will be available to support pilot projects which will continue to deliver actual energy efficiency improvements to homes, businesses and public buildings and community projects, via local authorities. This investment will help to demonstrate the most effective ways of delivering an integrated programme in order to roll out SEEP from 2018.

For more see http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Business-Industry/Energy/Action/lowcarbon/LCITP/SEEP

22 February 2017


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