Nature and biodiversity training

Our new course will help you understand the value of nature and biodiversity, reasons behind its decline and how to support the recovery of habitats which will benefit planet and people.

Nature and Biodiversity is in global decline, and Scotland is experiencing the same pressures. The course explores the main drivers of this loss with a view to what individuals and organisations can do to help reverse the trend.

Developed by our expert trainers, find out more below on how our new course can help you understand the nature and biodiversity crisis and how to respond effectively. Or get in touch with our Environment and Place Services Manager Katie Murray, to enquire about commissioning this training.

Who is this training for?

Organisations or individuals wanting to learn about the importance of nature and biodiversity, and action they can take to help restore key systems, plants and species that are so important to maintaining life on earth. This training will help you understand and re-connect with the natural systems, wildlife and plants that support Scotland to flourish in so many different ways.

We can deliver the training for anyone within your organisation, and at any level and role.

Why take this training?

This training provides carefully curated content to help upskill people, groups and communities so they have the knowledge required to successfully respond to the nature and biodiversity crisis.

  • Learn how culture, infrastructure, and the systems we rely on benefit from a rich natural world.
  • Learn about the pressures impacting nature and why biodiversity continues to experience a global decline that is echoed here in Scotland.
  • Be inspired by case studies of organisations and actions that are making a positive difference and celebrate the range of habitats across Scotland.
  • Reflect on what impact you, your organisation or your community can have to help nature recover and the co-benefits of this.

Training delivery and adaption options

Certified Course

  • Five hours of online teaching are complimented by self-study activities. The self-study gives learners the chance to expand their knowledge and create plans for actions that enhance nature and biodiversity at home, in your community and in your organisation. 
  • To ensure that the learning is relevant to your context there are opportunities to work with us to insert your own materials.

Introductory Webinar

  • Our two-hour webinar for our Nature and Biodiversity course offers participants an introduction to topics covered in our Certified Course, with a focus on Scotland.

What certification will you get?

  • Participants completing our Certified Course will get a certificate of participation from Keep Scotland Beautiful.

Why choose us for your Nature and Biodiversity course?

  • Our specialist Training and Accreditation team are experienced, knowledgeable, and informed and we have a track record of delivering effective training.
  • Across all our training courses, we trained over 1,000 people across Scotland last year and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants.
  • We ensure our training is relevant to the Scottish context through engaging, informative and topical content. 
  • We cut through the jargon, so you’ll have a clear understanding of key terms and concepts.
  • Our training emphasises hope over despair and includes case studies and examples of the co-benefits of improving habitats.
  • As an environmental charity, we invest income from all our training back into our activities that help make Scotland clean, green and sustainable.

What's the cost of the training?

Certified Course

 Cohort of up to ten participants


 Additional participants (up to five more per cohort)

 £100 per participant

 Adaptation fee - work with us to create content relevant to your organistion, community or context


Introductory Webinar

 Up to 100 participants

 Please contact us

What's the process to develop a course?

Please get in touch with our Environment and Place Services Manager, Katie Murray to discuss your requirements and timescales.

Get in touch with:
Katie Murray (She/Her)
Environment and Place Services Manager

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