Melvich Beach

The beach is a beautiful expanse of golden sands. the beach is bounded to the East by the river Halladale and to the west by rocky outcrops. The beach is popular with surfers, dog walkers and bathers.


Melvich Beach can be reached from the village by a signposted track which leads to a parking area just above the dunes. On the eastern side of the bay is Bighouse Lodge. Built in the 1760s, this large house was owned by the Mackays, who also owned the lands of Strath Halladale. As well as the lodge, there are also other buildings including the barracks, a walled garden, a garden pavillion and an ice house. It is believed that the barracks were used to house troops during the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. The Bighouse and its lands in Strath Halladale were sold to the Marquis of Stafford and the Countess of Sutherland in 1829, becoming part of the Sutherland Estates. 

Portskerra has always been a fishing community, and close to its pier you will find the Drowning Memorial. This monument commemorates the many fishermen from the village who over the years have been lost at sea. The memorial stone includes a verse by the celebrated poet Hugh Macintosh, who was born in Portskerra in 1901. 

Natural Space

Bounded to the east by the River Halladale and to the west by rocky outcrops, this beautiful expanse of golden sands can be reached in a short 100 m walk through the dunes. In late spring, the short turf of the dunes is carpeted with cowslips. 


A rural beach located on the outskirts of the village of Melvich.

Getting There

The beach is located on the outskirts of the village of Melvich. Access to the beach via a track off the main Thurso to Melvich road, A836.

Water quality information

This beach is not a designated bathing water site. Bathing water quality is not monitored at this site.

Contact details

Sandy Fraser
01408 635 324


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