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My Beach, Your Beach aims to help keep our beaches and bathing waters clean for all to enjoy. If you are a business or organisation based at or near Portobello, Fisherrow Sands, Kinghorn Harbour or Ayr beach we’d love for you to get involved. Here are key issues we’re working on:

Litter: It is estimated that over 12 million tonnes of litter enters our seas each year, causing catastrophic damage to our eco-systems. 80% of marine litter starts on land – help us to reduce this figure.

Gulls: Human food attracts gulls, which leads to a number of issues – harm to the gulls by ingesting litter, aggressive behaviour and bacteria at the beach.

Dog fouling: Dog poo is the most annoying litter item according to 7 in 10 people living in Scotland. Not only that, but dog poo on the beach can have harmful effects on bathing water quality.

Drains: Blockages in our drain network are costly but also can cause environmental pollution. Kitchen residues (fats, oils and greases) alongside ‘unflushables’ (wet wipes, sanitary products and others) are often the culprit for blockages.

Why get involved?

Contribute to civic pride, care and responsibility of your local area.
Build your reputation as a responsible, environmentally minded business.
Actively taking part in a local campaign is a great team building activity.

How to get involved

The #MyBeachYourBeach pledge is a great place to start. Commit to three or more pledges, let us know and you’ll receive a supporter pack with window stickers, posters and communication materials for social media.

Take the pledge

We will:

  • Try to use less single-use packaging and use more sustainable options instead.
  • Clean up the area outside our business every day.
  • Dispose of kitchen fats, oils and greases in an appropriate way, never down the sink or drain.
  • Display information in toilets about what can be flushed: “Only flush the 3 Ps – pee, poo and paper!”
  • Volunteer to help clean up beaches and encourage our employees to do the same.
  • Sign up to the Refill scheme and offer customers free water refills and promote re-usable bottles.
  • Provide and hand out dog poo bags.

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