Cummings Park Community Flat Community Garden

Certificates Level 5 - Outstanding
Certificate of Distinction

The group has a garden at the rear of the property which offers stimulation and education to local people. There is also a garden at the front of the property which offers a safe place for people to congregate and for children to play with plants and flowers edging the sides. The group has now taken over the community space at the side of the building and hopes to make this a beautiful part of the community. People of all ages will be encouraged to take part to plan, plant, grow and reap the benefits. Litter picking is now an annual activity, as is the community walk about where people are invited to join and take notice (and if necessary report defects) of their environment.

In 2018, Cummings Park Community Flat was awarded a Certificate of Distinction to further recognise the groups' achievements.


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Donna Sim

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