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2018 Certificate Level 3 - Advancing

The Circle is a community-based site providing 17 tenants with a meeting space, all who provide a diverse range of classes and subjects.  The Uppertunity Group has been using the facilities for just over a year now and have taken over the running of the community gardens.

The facility has a number of garden areas, from actual gardens to courtyard areas used for mediation classes, yoga, and social functions.  The group uses the garden outside for much of the year, weather permitting.

The group is to be commended on having 10 members taking part in Grow and Learn. 

The amount of funding received from a wide range of charitable sources as well as government funding, pays for one full time and one part time salary, with these staff working alongside 25 volunteers.  One of the members now has a place on the Uppertunity Board.

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