Hazlehead Primary

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2018 Certificates Level 5 - Outstanding
Certificate of Distinction

Hazlehead Primary has a development group within the school consisting of staff, pupils and parents. The group works together to make improvements to the local community. Most recently, it has taken part in an afterschool litter pick to clean up the local park. The group has teamed up with the school’s Eco team to take part in a whole school litter pick of Hazlehead primary and its surrounding areas. It works in partnership with local businesses to improve its school garden, and is planning to grow its own vegetables very soon. The vegetables grown will be used to promote healthy eating and share the important, real life skill of cooking. The group works closely with parents who help to maintain the school grounds.

In 2018, Hazelhead Primary was awarded a Certificate of Distinction to further recognise the groups' achievements.

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