Crombie Residents Association

2018 Certificates Level 4 - Thriving
Certificate of Distinction

The CRA has organised planters around the village and a litter pick. This year it is launching its Community Garden with the aid of awards from Tesco and Fife Council and donations in kind from several other benefactors. The Garden project is led by a Steering Group that meets monthly and organises Activity Days to draw in the Community. A large polytunnel and a cabin have been constructed and are just coming into use. A Woodland Trust award has enabled the group to plant shrubs and trees around the Garden and a key points in the village. The polytunnel will serve to grow plants for distribution around the village and for the production of vegetables. Work is ongoing.

In 2018, Crombie Residents Association was awarded a Certificate of Distinction to further recognise the groups' achievements.



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Michael Coughlan

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