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2018 Certificates Level 5 - Outstanding
Certificate of Distinction

The Maxwell Centre runs garden sessions that offer community members and children from the local area the opportunity to grow their own vegetables in a safe, nurturing environment.

The young people the centre works with are continually amazed that delicious vegetables can be grown in their local community, and working with local schools gives young people the opportunity to explore the garden, developing their understanding of wildlife, vegetables and plants.

The centre is flexible to meet the needs of the community and it enables people living in deprived circumstances to feel secure in a safe, green space where they can grow and eat their own food and interact in a pleasant, nurturing environment, building mental resilience, physical fitness and having fun!

In 2018, The Maxwell Centre - Every1's Garden was awarded a Certificate of Distinction to further recognise the groups' achievements.

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Alison Goodfellow
01382 802628

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