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2018 Certificate Level 3 - Advancing

Sauchie Gardening Group was formed in October 2017. Its objectives are: beautification of the Main Street in Sauchie; planting up empty green spaces; and providing a Community Garden in Sauchie to be enjoyed by all. The group has planted and distributed 19 1/2 barrels to the Main Street of Sauchie, planted 700 daffodil bulbs at the entrance to the village, and completed two litter picks. Funding for this has been by donation from residents and merchants. The group’s membership has increased and the local primary school and a pre-school nursery have contacted it and wish to take part in the project. At meetings the group has discussions on gardening, what plants require what soil etc. The members swap plants and cuttings. The group has submitted applications for funding to continue the work and accomplish its goals.

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Florence Mackenzie

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