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Menzieshill Gardening Group

2017 Certificate Level 4 - Thriving

A very small group which looks after and is developing a lovely space at Menzieshill Community Centre. The group meets every Tuesday morning between April and October.  The garden offers quiet and peace, and the group grows vegetables and flowers, trying to have as many flowering plants as possible to encourage bees and insects and to provide a colourful oasis. Children are involved as much as possible in the planting and growing of the vegetables, and in 2017 the group is linking with the library. Children who visit the library have planted seeds, and the group is hoping to plant the flowers in planters which it adopted from the local authority. By planting flowers at the front door of the centre, the group hopes to not only encourage bees and insects, but add colour and cheer to this grey, concrete area of slabs.


Contact Details
Avon Bartlett
01382 668065