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Crichton Lang Court Residents Group

2016 Certificate Level 2 - Improving

Crichton Lang Court was formerly known as the ‘Old Co-op Building until it was purchased and transferred into 12 residential flats by Perthshire Housing Association and part funded by a lottery grant in 2009.  The central courtyard houses the refuse and drying area - both were dull and boring.  Several of the tenants wanted a little bit more, and so a plan was born, and the dull and boring, grey and uninviting little courtyard slowly started to be transformed to add colour and happiness.  This gives all the tenants a place to enjoy the summer weather, for the children to have a place to play and for everyone to pull together and make where they stay/ live a pleasant area.  It also encourages the children to respect the efforts other people do, both in the courtyard and outside.

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John Hodgson
01828 958396