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Registration for the 2018 It's Your Neighbourhood campaign is now closed. To take part in the campaign next year, on-line registration will open in January 2019.

You’ll find a lot of the information you need on this website - what's not here will be in the 2018 Guidance for It's Your Neighbourhood Entrants which is available to download from this page.

For 2018, we're delighted to announce that we have chosen the theme of 'Year of Young People' as a focus for groups taking part. Each group will be sent a packet of sunflower seeds and we have created a document full of great ideas to get you started.

We would love to hear your plans and share your projects and stories of how you celebrate this theme. Please email us at beautifulscotland@keepscotlandbeautiful.org throughout the year so we can share your progress through our social media channels - you never know who you might inspire!

For those new to the campaign, or thinking about taking part, please read the related documents to the right which outline the benefits of taking part, who can enter, what kinds of projects It's Your Neighbourhood groups carry out, and how to get started in It's Your Neighbourhood.

For all groups, visit our resources page for additional support material (for example, how to keep your group going and environmental sustainability advice), reports and case studies to inspire you.

It's Your Neighbourhood campaign description

You are an It’s Your Neighbourhood project if your group doesn’t wish to take part in a competition, but would like support and recognition for the work being carried out in the community. Usually an It’s Your Neighbourhood project relates to a specific area, such as a park, a nursing home, a tenants and residents association area or an allotment. It’s Your Neighbourhood project groups often work with Beautiful Scotland entry groups and add value to the entire community entry. You do not have to be linked to a Beautiful Scotland group to enter though.

The It's Your Neighbourhood campaign is an ideal opportunity for volunteer-led community groups which are interested in cleaning up and greening up the local area, whether that is the street where they live, a derelict space on their estate or the grounds around the local community centre. It is an inclusive, FREE, non-competitive scheme which is about bringing members of the community together to make a positive change to the place they live, work or spend their leisure time.

If you have any questions, or wish to find out more about the 2018 campaign, please email or call us on 01786 477171.

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