Benefits of the Green Flag Award

A park or greenspace winning a Green Flag Award® can bring a range of benefits beyond being celebrated as a well managed site. Find some of the key benefits below: 

Showcasing and celebrating the site -

Each year, winners receive a Green Flag or Green Flag Community Award Flag. Keep Scotland Beautiful also share success through their social media and website. Those with Green Heritage Site Accreditation also receive a plaque to promote the status.

Enhance pride and reputation - 

As the international standard for parks and green spaces, holding a Green Flag Award® brings with it a vast amount of prestige. It is also an excellent example of civic achievement and provides communities with a great sense of civic pride.

Year on year improvement - 

Winning a Green Flag Award® visibly demonstrates to the local community that clear improvements and plans for future development and improvements have been made to a site.

Regeneration - 

Improving facilities at a park/green space and engaging more with the local community can have a knock on effect to the regeneration of an area.

Upgrading a site to achieve Green Flag status can, for example, bring about improvements to health and education, reduce crime and improve the general cleanliness of an area, whilst at the same time providing a boost to its profile.

Increasing tourism to a place - 

Having a Green Flag Award® is an excellent attraction for tourism. The scheme is growing internationally so that the award will be recognised by a growing number of tourists.

Research shows that people will make special trips to award-winning sites. What's more, by holding popular events at your site, you will guarantee yourself repeat visits.

Funding boosts - 

Having a Green Flag Award® is an excellent lever for obtaining external funding through improvement grants and is a means of maximising revenue opportunities from within the site. An example of a national funding scheme to which winners can apply is the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Marketing - 

Award winners have the opportunity to use the Green Flag Award® logos on all of their publicity and marketing materials, such as stationery, promotional literature, vehicles and uniforms.

Each year we will send out a press release to celebrate awarded sites in Scotland. We can also support with any internal press and supply supportive quotes for sites. 


Interested in applying for an award? Visit our pages to go through the process.

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