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Are you aged 8-26? Do you care about the environment?  Are you keen to share your passion with other people?

If you are aged 8-26 years, Young Reporter’s Scotland (YRS) could be the perfect opportunity for you to investigate and report on an environmental or sustainability issue which matters to you, empowering you to make your voice heard. You can build and develop your skills and creatively raise awareness of sustainability issues within your community and beyond.

By developing your skills and knowledge, you will have the wonderful opportunity to take part in our annual Young Reporters' Scotland competition with the potential of being involved and working with an international network of like-minded young people with Young Reporters’ for the Environment (YFE)



By becoming involved with Young Reporters’ Scotland you will:

  • Have the opportunity for your voice heard on issues that matter to you
  • Build a range of life skills, such as research, critical thinking and communication
  • Help raise awareness of the environmental issue that matters to you
  • Gain important experience for your CV or personal statement
  • Inspire others to take action and make positive changes
  • Inform others about important sustainability issues, events and projects
  • Share ideas with young people around the world who care about similar issues
  • Learn how global issues affect local communities
  • Win great prizes and experiences





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